Gay dating pressured into having a valentine boyfriend

Keeping secrets will just harm the trust you have in one another.

Try to be honest about as many details as possible. Method 2. Tell her that you have a boyfriend and care very much about him, and that you understand that sexuality can change but right now you are definitely attracted to him.

Consider how your parents react to homosexuality in the news, such as when issues like same-sex marriage or bullying come up in conversation. Tell your mom that your boyfriend is a different race or religion. With the world becoming smaller and more interconnected, dating more frequently crosses past boundaries of race, religion, and customs. Try to explain this fact if your mom or both parents expect your boyfriend to be of a particular race, religion, or culture.

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What if years pass and you and your boyfriend get engaged? When telling your mother about a cross-cultural relationship, be compassionate and patient. Give your mom time to process, and give her the benefit of the doubt rather than forcing her to give her approval. Consider holding off if you foresee bad consequences. Like coming out of the closet, consider times when breaking the news about your cross-cultural relationship might not be appropriate. Try to balance your concerns with having faith in your mom. Try to gauge her reactions to friends or family members in similar relationships.

If you believe your mom would be accepting but your father would not, ask her for advice about how to break the news to him. State clearly to her that this is a more interconnected world, and that people date across boundaries now. Tell your mom your boyfriend has a checkered past but has changed. It can be delicate if you're getting back with an ex, or there are things in your boyfriend's past you'd rather not tell your mom.

If you're trying to convince her that your boyfriend has changed his ways, try to be objective and share facts with her. Don't match her criticisms of your boyfriend by criticizing her, but just explain how his actions show that he's making real changes. He got a good job and he's held it down for over six months now, and he has an apartment and is saving up for a new car. He told me he wants to get his act together so that I might think about getting back together with him.

If you're just dating a guy for a few weeks and know it's not going anywhere, you might not want to tell mom about the guy you're casually dating who has 8 piercings and full sleeve tattoos.

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If she doesn't approve of your boyfriend, consider if she has good reasons. You might be better off not getting back with that ex, or ditching the guy who has too much baggage. Trusting mom's instincts could end up saving you heartache in the future. Method 3. Give her time to process the news. If she tells you that she needs a minute to think, by all means give her some time alone if necessary. Show her that you want to compromise and help her become comfortable with your relationship, such as by hearing her ground rules.

Tell her that you value her opinion and experience. Show her that her experience and wisdom is important to you. Explain that you want her to trust you with these sort of things and value her advice, which is why you're telling her about him. Explain that you are growing up and it is only natural to want a boyfriend. Do you best to open up communications between you and your mom, both before and after you have a talk about the boyfriend.

Explain to her that honesty and being able to trust each other is vital to you. Try to break the ice and work on having open, non-judgmental conversations on a regular basis. Try to avoid having an argument about it. Do your best to stay cool, even if she gets upset and starts yelling. Remember that you she is there to protect you and only wants the best for you. You might actually be too young for a relationship, or he might not be the best guy for you.

Remember that she has more life experience than you. Accept her response, even if she says no. Respect the way that she wants to raise you. Remember, she's only here to protect you. Try to understand her perspective if she says no. Show your mom that you value her point of view and want to know more about it. Try not to ask questions just to get your way, but to demonstrate that you want to understand her and get on the same page. How old were you?

Do you think the differences between now and when you were growing up affect the age someone should start having relationships? Remember that your mom is usually the one person in the world who is completely devoted to your best interests. Did you date someone like him and have a bad experience? You might not want to talk to her, but remember you might risk getting in trouble.

She might freak out or completely forbid you from seeing your boyfriend. Think hard about all the consequences of your decision! Yes No. Not Helpful 5 Helpful You should tell your mom: Not Helpful 0 Helpful My parents are fine with me having a boyfriend as I've had one before, but I don't know how to say that I have one. I'm one of those people who goes really red and blushes when talking about my relationships.

It's perfectly okay to blush and get embarrassed! When you sit down with your parents to tell them, mention that you're embarrassed and it's not easy to talk about. Consider just blurting it out in passing conversation and not making a big deal about it. Try joking around with your parents about it - about having a boyfriend and about being nervous.

Just do your best to break the ice, and don't worry about being embarrassed in front of your parents. Remember that they've seen you in much more embarrassing situations than talking about having a boyfriend! Not Helpful 3 Helpful What if you're embarrassed to say something like that to your parents? Try to even be honest about being embarrassed when you talk to them. Say, "This is really embarrassing for me and I don't know how to talk about this. Once you break the ice and start the conversation, you will probably start to feel better right away.

Remember, it's a natural part of life and growing up, and you have nothing to be embarrassed about!

Are these the worst Valentine’s Day dates ever?

Not Helpful 6 Helpful Is 11 years old too young to have a boyfriend? What if you are scared to tell your mum about your boyfriend? Many parents would find that 11 is a little too young to have a boyfriend. You shouldn't be scared to talk about it with your mother, however. Start having open conversations now, and ask her when she thinks you might be ready to have a relationship. Not Helpful 7 Helpful I've been dating my boyfriend for about 3 months and haven't told my mom. Is that too late?

It's never too late! When trying to explain the 3 month delay in telling her, just tell her you've been afraid, nervous, or embarrassed. Be honest about your feelings and let her know that you haven't liked keeping it from her. Tell her you want to be able to trust each other and don't want to keep things from her in the future.


There is some level of distrust in your relationship already for you to even think they were fooling around- and you need to reflect on where that's coming from. Do you trust him? If you don't, well that's a major issue assuming he's not having a secret gay affair, in which case we'll rank the ole gay affair as first on the list of major issues. You need to put yourself and your baby first here. Decide if you trust him, and then set your mind at rest by discussing the incident with him - but not from a place of judgement or suspicion.

You're having a child together, so regardless of what unfolds you need to try and remain civil with each other. Do you have a problem you'd like some advice on? Email askbrian independent. David Coleman Teenage boys watch pornography. Estimates, based on the research evidence that I have tracked, suggest that about half of all pre-teens and teenagers between the ages of 11 and 16 watch Mary O'Conor I find myself yet again lying here on my own in the spare room, ready to pull the trigger on some revenue-spinning lonely hearts website.

But it never amounts to anything - I either don't push Ask Brian: I found my boyfriend and his best friend sweaty and alone together - are they having a gay affair? Our no-nonsense agony uncle gets straight to the point of your most pressing issues Stock photo. Just as we went to leave the door swung open, but no one was standing there so I went inside. My boyfriend was standing in the sitting room acting as though he was cleaning up his home.

While his friend was sitting on the couch sweating like he had just run a five mile sprint. This would explain my boyfriend's distance and his friend's profuse sweat. Thanks for having an available email for my concerns. Brian replies: I think you might be misreading some things here. As for the situation you describe in his house, that's a little less clear. Too much, too young: Katie Byrne: Dear Mary: Most Viewed Most Shared.

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